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What to Know, Safety Tips & More

Here you will learn what to expect and all requirements needed to ride with our guided tours in Indian River, Michigan!

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1. Security Hold:

  • No hold is not needed in Indian River. A valid credit card on file is needed to ensure that any damages done by the customer are covered (up to $1500.)
2. Waiver Signing:

  • Waivers are signed, and it is mandatory that ALL RIDERS/DRIVERS MUST BE PRESENT during this process.
3. Shuttle Ride & Safety Video:

  • Jump in the shuttle and head to the trailhead. Watch a mandatory safety video to ensure a thorough understanding of safety protocols.
4. Pre-Rental Inspection:

  • Before pictures are taken of your machine, document any prior damages (IF ANY). We recommend going through the machine yourself to avoid confusion or concerns upon return. RIDERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL DAMAGES.
5. Safety Gear Selection:

  • Pick out your safety gear. Helmets are required in all motor vehicles.
6. Final Overview and Q&A:

  • We go through the machine with you one more time, addressing any questions or concerns. We provide instructions on using Ride Command and review all laws, ordinances, and rules once more.
7. Ready to Ride:

  • You’re free to ride! Enjoy your adventure responsibly and have a great time!


1.Unload and Preparation:

  • Unload all of your belongings for a smooth check-in process.
2. Initial Inspection and Photos:

  • The machine is looked over and inspected, with initial photos taken. Please note: After photos are captured when the machine is still dirty.
3. Shuttle Back to Headquarters:   – Hometown Inn, Indian River –
4. Concluding Check-In:

  • You’re free to head home. An initial courtesy email will be sent if any damages are identified. Ensure to provide an email for timely communication and receive both before and after photos of the machine.
5. Deep Cleaning and Final Inspection:

  • The machine undergoes deep cleaning and a final inspection. Any issues during your ride should be addressed on-site or before departure. Undiscussed damages may still incur charges. Please refer to the waiver for details.

Enjoy your adventure responsibly!