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Things To Do


At the boat launch in town, it is the perfect place to cast your line off the dock to catch what the lake is most popular for; bluegill! Next to the dock is a kayak launch making it easy to explore the lake. There is a public beach so you’re able to dip your toes in the water after a long ride. Check out the Minnow Bucket for all of your fishing needs!

 8910 Iroquois Rd, St Helen, MI 48656



When you visit here you’ll be able to hangout with ​deer, peacocks, guinea hens and other wild life that wonder the property. It’s an awesome place to stop and stretch your legs while enjoying their picnic tables and park they have for kids. The Ogemaw Nature center started all the way back in 1920 and has remained a favorite place to visit.

5626 W Rose City Rd, West Branch, MI 48661



RZR RIPN’ RENTALS likes to leave the sand hills a mystery. While it’s not at all hard to find, we found out that leaving it mysterious minimizes possible damages. If you do make it to the sand pit, while we encourage having all of the fun in the world, there is a right and wrong way to ride the sand hills. The wrong way is quick turns, doughnuts, or aiming for any ruts or bumps. The right way is to simply go up and down in LOW GEAR. Using the wrong gears and being reckless on the sand hill is a good way to loose your deposit. This happens more often than any other damages. There is always someone out there, you will end up on the internet if you flip, tip, roll; we will find out. Honesty is cheaper. The sand pits and sand hill are for more experienced riders.



The EXIT 222 sign that everyone is on a hunt to find continuously moves. It was put out by volunteers to make the trails more exciting and to create a sense of adventure while riding. We do not have any clue where the location to this sign is, but that makes it all the more fun! If you happen to come across this sign make sure you take a picture! It’s a rare find.


Firehouse Bar
465 N St Helen Rd, St Helen, MI 48656

(989) 389-1000


1965 N St Helen Rd, St Helen, MI 48656

​(989) 389-3731


Sam’s Diner
1611 N St Helen Rd, St Helen, MI 48656

​(989) 389-1600


No Limits Pizza
2007 N St Helen Rd, St Helen, MI 48656

​(989) 389-7500


Mr. B’s Deli
2343 N St Helen Rd, St Helen, MI 48656

​(989) 632-3559


The Angry Oven
2570 N St Helen Rd, St Helen, MI 48656

(989) 632-3035


Ma Deeters
2262 Deeter Rd, Luzerne, MI 48636

​(989) 826-1013

Local Campgrounds, Cabins, and AIRBNBs

Please note that routes to your destinations must be planned ahead via POLARIS RIDE COMMAND or another GPS system. Machines CAN NOT be trailered and must be driven on/off property at the time of rental. Please make sure you are able to get to your destination via trails or legal roads of off-road machines.