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Explore St. Helen, Michigan

Explore our curated list of top accommodations and activities in St. Helen and its surrounding areas!


We recommend checking with your choice of stay to ensure they are ORV-friendly and accessible by trail.

Side by Sides and Slingshots CAN NOT be trailered and must be driven to your location via legal roads or trails. 

Northern Michigan enthusiasts, share your cabin, land, or recreational spot for rent on our platform! Whether it’s a cozy cabin, vast camping land, or any hidden gem, we’re looking for unique rentals. Don’t be shy—reach out and let’s make your rental a star on our website! 🌲🏡

LOCAL RESTAURANTS a close up of a logo

Please note that all restaurants listed are accessible by trail or legal road unless otherwise marked. 

Mr. B’s Deli

Firehouse Bar & Grill

Jen’s Hen House

Sam’s Diner

Dirty Smoke of Exit 222

The Angry Oven

Ma Deeter’s

Back Door Saloon

Clear Lake Bar 

“The Frog Tiki Bar”


At the boat launch in town, it is the perfect place to cast your line off the dock to catch what the lake is most popular for; bluegill! Next to the dock is a kayak launch making it easy to explore the lake where you can take a RZR RIPN’ RENTALS kayak rental! There is a public beach so you’re able to dip your toes in the water after a long ride. Check out the Minnow Bucket for all of your fishing needs! 8910 Iroquois Rd, St Helen, MI 48656


When you visit here you’ll be able to hang out with ​deer, peacocks, guinea hens, and other wildlife that wander the property. It’s an awesome place to stop and stretch your legs while enjoying their picnic tables and the park they have for kids. The Ogemaw Nature center started back in 1920 and has remained a favorite place to visit. We have this waypoint + a pre-planned route on your touchscreen GPS in off-road machines and slingshots straight here! 5626 W Rose City Rd, West Branch, MI 48661


RZR RIPN’ RENTALS likes to leave the sand hills a mystery. While it’s not at all hard to find, we found out that leaving it mysterious minimizes possible damages. If you do make it to the sand pit, while we encourage having all of the fun in the world, there is a right and wrong way to ride the sand hills. The wrong way is quick turns, doughnuts, or aiming for any ruts or bumps. The right way is to simply go up and down in LOW GEAR. Using the wrong gears and being reckless on the sand hill is a good way to loose your deposit. This happens more often than any other damages. The sand pits and sand hill are for more experienced riders.


There are multiple EXIT 222 signs that everyone is on a hunt to find placed along the ORV routes in St. Helen. They are put out by volunteers to make the trails more exciting and to create a sense of adventure while riding. We do not have any clue where the locations of these signs are and they often move spots, but that makes it all the more fun! If you happen to come across this sign make sure you take a picture! It’s a rare find. We also offer discounts for tagged photos on Facebook with our riders picking up trail trash!


Roscommon Zoo is a family owned and operated zoo/petting zoo located in Crawford County, MI. Just minutes from downtown Roscommon. ​Their scenic 20 acres is home to various native and non-native exotic animals as well as domestic farm animals. Many of our animals have been highly socialized, making for unique interactive experiences between you, the visitor, and some amazing creatures. Perfect ride in a RZR or Slingshot!

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One of our favorite videos made by one of favorite riders! Just a sneak peak of what the trails have to offer ...

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Located in Saint Helen, Michigan! Season starts in 9 days 🏁
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