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In 2020 we also participated in a MINI TRASH BASH held by S&S Powersports located in town near the St. Helen Snow packers building. If you’re ever looking for a certain part for you off-road machine make sure you check out S&S Powersports.

The MINI TRASH BASH was held in replace of the normal trash bash due to covid restrictions during the time. Riders went out on their own and collected trash throughout the trails instead of gathering in large groups. RZR RIPN’ RENTALS gave out trash bags, gloves, and sanitizers to those who stopped by and asked and included a TRASH BASH BAGS with their survival bag in our riders glove box in case they decided to also participate!

We turned this into a challenge for our riders and offered 100 DOLLARS to the group who filled the most bags of trash during their ride! Most riders came back with a lot of trash but we had one rider who brought back lots of cans, broken bottles and even a whole fender!!

We thank everyone who participated and especially thank S&S Powersports for creating such an event considering the terrible timing of the world. This was an awesome opportunity for those in town to come together to keep our trails clean. We also would like to thank the awesome volunteers at the St. Helen Snow Packer club for maintain the trails surrounding us and ensuring the safety of all riders. You are appreciated!

We are very excited to participate next year! #TrashTalk

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