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  • Starts December 1st-March 31st


Quick Details

Create Your Own Adventure.

THIS IS A SELF-GUIDED EXPERIENCE. RZR RIPN’ RENTALS does provide pre-planned routes for snowmobile rentals. Riders must research the area they are riding in via POLARIS RIDE COMMAND or another snowmobile route GPS. Riders are responsible for themselves, machines and any rented equipment rented/borrowed after leaving the property.

Our snowmobile fleet includes 2022 and 2023 Skidoo and Polaris 600 models. They are lightweight, strong, and durable, making them some of the easiest sleds to confidently experience the thrills of the trail. Two seaters are available! Snowmobiles can be trailered, delivered, or picked up at a shop to be ridden in St. Helen and surrounding areas. The mile radius is unlimited, take our machines to where you can freely and safely adventure in the snow or enjoy the local snowmobile trails in St. Helen.

Ride Times

4 Hour Rentals 8 Hour Rentals Overnight Rentals Two Day Rentals Three Day Rentals
9 am – 1pm
9 am – 5pm
9 am – 9am next day
9 am – 6 pm next day
9 am – 6 pm on return date
10 am – 2pm
10 am – 6pm
10 am – 9 am next day
9 am – 6 pm next day
9 am – 6 pm on return date
11am – 3pm
11 am – 9 am next day
9 am – 6 pm next day
9 am – 6 pm on return date
12 pm – 4pm
12 pm – 9 am next day
9 am – 6 pm next day
9 am – 6 pm on return date
1 pm – 5pm
1 pm – 9 am next day
9 am – 6 pm next day
9 am – 6 pm on return date
2 pm – 6pm
2 pm – 9 am next day
9 am – 6 pm next day
9 am – 6 pm on return date



SUBJECTED TO CHANGE FOR WEEKENDS, HOLIDAYS ECT. – Follow our Facebook for giveaways, discount days, and events! Check it out here!

  • Prices vary depending on the day, ride time, and length of rental. Currently, we do a maximum of 3 DAYS (for example, Friday 10 AM pickup – Sunday 6 PM drop off.)
  • For bookings UNDER 3 days, please select the preferred date, rental length, and ride time to see specific pricing.
  • For bookings OVER 3 days, call the shop for more flexible bookings.

$1,000 security hold on a credit card is due at the time of rental and released with no damages. Split cards are allowed. 


  • You must be 18 years old to drive and rent snowmobiles with a valid driver’s license. – Must be presented in the shop. If not presentable day of rental you are subjected to forfeit ride fees.
  • No passengers allowed on one-seat machines.
  • All participants must be in the shop day of rental – No exceptions.
  • Drivers must be 25 years of age with a valid driver’s license to drive anyone under 18.
  • Kids may ride in the back on double seats. NO FRONT RIDING WHATSOEVER.

Rentable Gear Available

  • $25 Heated Helmets – Rental REQUIRED if you do not have your own DOT FULL FACED snowmobile helmets.
  • $25 Snowmobile Pants
  • $25 Snowmobile Coat
  • $10 Boots
  • $10 Gloves
  • Neck gaiters available for purchase. $5
  • Rent all gear for $75

We supply only a limited amount of children’s helmets with goggles. We highly recommend bringing your own kids gear.

Bring Your Own:

  • Thermals
  • Socks
  • Warm Layers (hoodies, long sleeves)
    Dress for Michigan weather.
  • Download POLARIS RIDE COMMAND for trail GPS on the go. – There are no GPS units on machines.

We suggest bringing as much of your own gear as possible. – Sizes vary but are limited.
(If bringing your own helmet – the helmet MUST BE a certified DOT full-faced snowmobile helmet – a face shield or goggles are required – We do not have goggles in the shop but our helmets do have a full face shield.)

REMINDER: ALL DRIVERS AND RIDERS MUST BE PRESENT AT CHECK-IN TO SIGN WAIVERS. Check-in takes about 35-45 minutes. We highly recommend arriving early. 

Trailer or Delivery or Pick Up

When booking, please select your preferred method. If forgotten in the checkout, please communicate with the outfitter ASAP – trailers may not be available. ALL RIDERS ARE REQUIRED TO BE IN THE SHOP EVEN IF MACHINES ARE BEING DELIVERED TO YOU. 

Trailers are available for $25 a day. –  Renters are responsible for any damages and are sent with emergency equipment.

Deliveries are within 45 minutes of our shop and only up to 2 Snowmobiles at a time = $150

Pick up is no earlier than 8:30 AM and Drop off is no later than 7 PM – Unless discussed otherwise with the outfitter.

We have a list of places to stay and where we can deliver on our website – Contact the outfitter to make your trip great!

Where to Stay

Cancelations/Late/Extra Charges

To receive a full refund cancelations must be done 24 Hours before booking time. We do not refund for day of cancelations if the snow is rideable. If the weather does not permit riding, renters may receive a full refund but at outfitter choice only. Please communicate with the outfitter. Rebooks are available but you may not cancel after rebooking.

If you are late to pick up the machine we do not extend or refund time. We HIGHLY recommend arriving 45 minutes early. Please communicate with outfitter.

  • After 30 minutes late to drop off = $50
  • After 1 hour late to drop off = $100
  • After 2 hours late to drop off = One 8 hour rental rate.

Extra charges only apply if you damage the machine(s) – renters are fully responsible for any damages done to the machine, trailers, or equipment while in their use. Charges also include returning late, breaking any rules or waiver points, carrying gas, drinking, and driving or not wearing proper safety gear while riding.

Prices Starting At
From :
$ 275